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The Stud & Our People

Bauhinia Park Angus stud is a family owned and operated business founded by Jeff and Raelea Holzwart in the 2010. We are currently joining 150 quality Angus females with the resulting young sires sold at our Annual Bull Sale held each year.

Located just 20km East of Emerald in Central Queensland, the majority of the Angus herd are run on ‘Grandridge’, a picturesque setting and home for Jeff and Raelea. Ryan and Rachel live on ‘Kensington’ nearby where the rest of the Angus females run along with our Charolais stud.

We are very passionate about breeding the best quality, most consistent Angus cattle we can with key focus on constitution, adaptability and carcass merit. Most importantly don’t hesitate to contact us anytime or even organise to drop in for a cuppa and look around!

The Stud & Our People

Breeding  Philosophy

Bauhinia Park stud has invested a lot of time and money in our Angus program, via AI programs, Embryo programs and acquiring top line genetics. For selection of Genetics, there is nothing like seeing for your self. Ryan visited Canada in 2014, and Jeff was lucky enough to visit USA in 2016.  We inspected many herds and took note of the lead genetics being used that made a significant difference to these herds. Depth of breeding is so important in establishing a herd that will breed consistent, value adding bulls for our commercial customers.

Our criteria is again pretty simple for our Angus bulls. Breed them for CQ conditions, use the best genetics we can find, and make sure they fit cattleman’s needs, being:-

  • Weight for age

  • Carcass qualities supported by EBV’s and feedback performance.

  • Fertility based on actual cow calving interval. Seasonal mating is used in all our herds.

  • Adaptability to our CQ environment based on the strength of both dam and sire.

  • Temperament

  • Ease of calving.


We believe bulls bred or raised in our area have a higher chance of performing in our environment. We have already assessed and culled those that struggle. This helps take away the potential uncertainty of the adaptability or even survival of bulls bred in cooler and less harsh environments.

For you, the commercial breeder, we have already rejected the bulls that have not adapted to our area, and you can buy with confidence for all of the above desired attributes.

As with all our bulls, they are absolutely guaranteed, and if you ever have an issue with any purchase, simply call us and we will sort a satisfactory outcome.

Breeding Philosophy
Bauhinia Park Angus (White) cr.png

Jeff & Raelea Holzwart

Ph: 0429 822 378

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