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AI Sires

We are fortunate to have the sole Australian rights to Sparrows Seminole’s Semen, which is pretty special. Seminole was the bench mark sire for the Steppler Farms herd in Canada were he has produced many sons topping sales and going on into stud duties. His progeny here are beauties; they have extra length, volume and softness sometimes hard to find in Poll Charolais. Seminole sons will feature in our 2019 Bull Sale.

Sire: ABC Latoro

Sparrows Seminole (P)

Dam: Sparrows Angel Eyes (P)

We were fortunate enough to see Distinction as a yearling bull in Canada and were super impressed by his length, balance, eye appeal and power for a homozygous polled bull. Distinction had a stellar show career and has since developed into a super herd sire. When semen became available in Australia we grabbed some straight away and will use him in select AI and Embryo programs.

Sire: Merit Vintage (P)

CML Distinction 318A (P)

Dam: Target PLD Ginny (P)

Koshi was a feature in our 2016 sale selling for $14,000 to Nogoa Pastoral, Emerald. A semen share was retained for in herd use. He carries G144’s softness and heavy muscle pattern with plenty of eye appeal and performance stemming from his grandsire, Bronco. Progeny are looking the goods with his first calf drop averaging just over 400kg’s at weaning – displaying their sires clean coat, softness and muscle pattern.

Sire: Bauhinia Park G144E (P)

Bauhinia Park Koshi (P)

Dam: Bauhinia Park Susan


Current Herd Sires

G105 was our top price bull in 2014 selling to Wyntoon Farming Partnership. He grew into a super impressive bull and after inspection we purchased a share back in the bull for use in the stud. A number of sons will feature in our 2019 bull sale. They are just like their sire displaying plenty of length and bone with ample thickness, deep flank and are good mobile types.

Sire: Moongool Doncaster (R/F)

Bauhinia Park Gumboots (R/F)

Dam: Bauhinia Park Desire II

Our polled, red factor $18,000 purchase from the 4 Ways Stud in 2018. Mario complements our sire battery nicely, his eye catching phenotype, soft muscle pattern and beautiful temperament make him a real contender. First calves are due in August 2019 and we can’t wait.

Sire: Moongool Jag (P) (R/F)

4 Ways Mario (P) (R/F)

Dam: 4 Ways Annette D72E

Lastovski was purchased in 2017 for $37,000. “Lotty” is a proper beef bull with length, thickness and mobility. He displays a good sires head, loose skin and super thick hindquarter. After joining 50 females in his first season, he came out of the cows in top condition proving his great doing ability. We have just weaned his first calves, they were very impressive over the scales.

Sire: ANC Hectare

ANC Lastovski

Dam: ANC Highroad

Smoothly made homozygous poll sire who is full of red meat standing on a well-balanced, fault free package. L504 has tremendous length, depth and softness topped off by a good clean coat and sires outlook. He compliments our sire battery nicely and will be a go to bull to produce top quality polled bulls.

Sire: Ascot Eldorado (P)(R/F)

Ascot Eldorado L504 (P)

Dam: Ascot G62 (P)

We secured Junket as the standout and top priced bull at the 2015 Eidsvold Charolais sale. At just 22months he weighed 945kg with an EMA of 144 and IMF of 4.4%. His progeny just do it easy and are some of our most consistent. They display extra growth and thickness with the ability to cover and have beautiful temperaments. Unfortunately Junket’s time was cut short due to injury. There will be a small number of sons available in our 2019 sale, whilst his females will carry on his legacy.

Sire: Ascot Governor G22E (P)

Granville Junket (P) (R/F)

Dam: Granville Digna 9 (R/F)

Jasper was retained for stud duties as our heifer bull. He has exceeded expectations producing some of our best weaners over the past few years. Sired by poll impact sire Cheyenne Blend, Jasper offers an outcross pedigree and throws very consistent. Just like the photo suggests, Jasper has matured into a real beef bull with great constitution and sound structure. Look out for his sons out of Dozer females, they are proving to be a great cross.

Sire: LT Cheyenne Blend (P)

Bauhinia Park Jasper (P)

Dam: Bauhinia Park Que

Jacky was purchased as the top price bull at Minnie Vale in 2015 and carefully selected to strengthen our polled sire battery. His stylish outlook, extra bone and weight for age made securing him an easy decision. Jacky combine’s strength and substance with awesome growth EBV’S all backed by a proven pedigree. His first hand full of calves are beauties, look out for them in the future.

Sire: Winchester Peacemaker (P)

Minnie Vale Jacky (P)

Dam: Minnie-Vale Marilyn

We selected a handful of cows to AI to W31 (foundation sire) in the hope of breeding a replacement son that can continue his legacy and produce us the magic W31 female line that have been so dominant. J18 will do just that, his females are simply outstanding while the bulls equally as impressive. An awesome beef bull with a silky smooth coat and quiet nature.

Sire: Bauhinia Park W31E

Bauhinia Park Junior J18E

Dam: Bauhinia Park Sandra 3


Foundation Sires

W31 had a huge influence on Bauhinia Park and has left his stamp on our stud. Known as one of the best carcass animals you would ever see. Sons Muscles and Colorado were retained while his daughters are of such quality, they still produce some of our best each year.

Sire: Ayr Nippon’s Archeton

Bauhinia Park W31E

Dam: FD7 R26E

Purchased for $18,000 from Fernvale which at the time seemed like a lot of money but in hindsight was very cheap. X-Rated progeny were highly sort after by cattlemen, breaking stud average records through the sale ring. His legacy lives on through his big, roomy females and son Dozer who is breeding the house down.

Sire: Ayr Flinder’s Inglewood

Fernvale X-Rated

Dam: Fernvale Rose

Named Muscles as a calf because he was so far ahead of the rest displaying extra size, length, meat and soft muscle. Unfortunately Muscles’ time with us was cut short however we retained a good poll son Junior G144E who did an outstanding job for our stud.

Sire: Bauhinia Park W31E

Bauhinia Park Muscles

Dam: Bauhinia Park Cassie W32E

Dozer was named after his registration no D9 and was our leading stud sire for quite some time. Dozer was retained as he was probably the most complete bull we have produced. Almost undefeated on the local show circuit and a brilliant doer in the paddock. Progeny are unmatched for their weight gains and performance.

Sire: Fernvale X-Rated

Bauhinia Park Dozer

Dam: Bauhinia Park X-Cellent X19E

G144E is the legacy of household favourite “Muscles”. Outshining peers in his age group, together with a strong polled sires outlook made Junior an easy decision to retain. Now deceased, his name will continue to feature in the pedigrees through his daughters who are all quality.

Sire: Bauhinia Park Muscles

Bauhinia Park G144E (P)

Dam: Bauhinia Park Mindy 4 (P)

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