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AI Sires

Niagara was Jeff’s favourite up and coming Angus bull while on tour in the US in 2016. Does a lot of things right. Combines low birth, high growth, width and strong body shape. His calves here are super consistent and his first sons will feature in our 2019 Bull Sale.

Sire: Hoover Dam

SS Niagara Z29

Dam: Jet SS X144

Low birth weight curve bender. Calves are easily born and grow like billy-o. Good doing ability and thickness with extra capacity to make use of good feed. His sons are proving very adaptable to our area, and he is bred to be safe on heifers. A real carcass performer.

Sire: SAV Final Answer 0035

SAV Thunderbird 9061

Dam: SAV Emblynette 7411

The $400,000 sale topper at SAV in USA 2014. Bred in the purple as they say. International combines a sheer smorgasbord of leading sires and dams. Saw awesome calves during USA visit. Our first International calves look really good and some cracking sons will be offered in 2018. Another bull we expect will leave his mark on our stud.

Sire: SAV Harvestor 0338

SAV International 2020

Dam: SAV Emblynette 5483

One of the new Angus stars from the USA. Jeff saw him in America, together with his Dam and siblings. Easy keeping types with extra width and constitution that we believe will do a great job in our environment. Is one of the stand out sires in USA at present, with reportedly over 50,000 units of semen sold in the 2016 USA joining season. Lower birth weights, high growth, and absolute top end EMA measures.

Sire: Sitz Top Game 561X

JMB Traction 292

Dam: JMB Emulota 013

Klooney K42 was the 2nd highest selling bull at the Millah Murrah sale in 2016 for $80,000. His dam is a beautiful bodied Emperor daughter reported to be one of the best Angus cows you will find. Sons are mobile types with plenty of length and ability to finish.

Sire: Booroomooka Theo

Millah Murrah Klooney K42

Dam: Millah Murrah Prue H4


Current Herd Sires

K502 was purchased as the pick of a group of fully imported embryo bulls from SAV in the US. He is long as a train with a thick hindquarter and strong through the barrel. We used K502 extensively last year and his first weaners are outstanding. His sons will be offered in this year’s sale.

Sire: SAV Harvestor 0338

Glenmorgan Harvestor Man K502

Dam: SAV Emblynette 1025

There are many top quality Net Worth sons in use around the globe and we think H55 would match it with any of them. This big meat machine walks the paddock with ease and holds his condition all year round. His daughters are all quality and his sons easy to pick out amongst the mob.

Sire: SAV Net Worth

Bauhinia Park Net Worth H55 (AI)

Dam: Bauhinia Park D300

L293 was purchased as a yearling for his standout length, weight for age and impressive EBV spread. Combines two of Angus’ most influential sires in Traction and New Day 454. The Traction cattle have thrived in our environment. L293 has matured into an impressive sire with plenty of grunt and natural doing ability. First calves will be in next year's bull sale.

Sire: JMB Traction

Glenmorgan Traction Man L293

Dam: Wattletop Usual G319


Foundation Sires


‘Gus’ was purchased as a yearling weighing 468kg at just 9 months old off pasture. Not overally tall but long as a train with a tremendous amount of volume, weight and spring of rib. Shiny coated, sires outlook and very active. Gus sons prove to be very popular for their volume and weight for age.

Sire: SAV Thunderbird 9061

Glenmorgan Thunderbird Man H248

Dam: Wattletop Dandloo

G10 was purchased from the Booroomooka sale for $13,000 as a yearling for his weight for age, carcass data and impeccable breeding. He covered the cows easily whilst handling the dry conditions and growing into a big impressive bull. Calves are born easily, grow quickly and are all quality. G10 progeny work exceptionally well over anything with a splash of bos indicus.

Sire: SAV Net Worth

Booroomooka Net Worth G10

Dam: Booroomooka Winch B69 (New Design 1407)

Jeff & Raelea Holzwart

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